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Якорь 1

Main directions:

Engineering activities concerning designing and commissioning of melting-casting equipment for aluminium alloys production

Fabrication and supply of electrical heating systems for the equipment of metallurgical purposes

MHD devices and technologies of metallurgical purposes

Fabrication of refractory pre-cast shapes for the aluminium industry

Refractory pre-cast shapes
- molten metals transportation systems engineering services.
- refractories installation supervision and installation itself;
- refractory troughs and launders;
- refractory pre-cast shapes as per Customer's specific requirements;
For the new RPC Magnetic Hydrodynamics Ltd. department up-to-date equipment has been purchased in order to fabricate following refractory products and provide following services:

Since August 2014 RPC Magnetic Hydrodynamics Ltd. takes part in refractory materials and pre-cast shapes for Russian and CIS non-ferrous industry enterprises. New department of Refractory materials and technologies was created with the main purpose of arranging production of competitive pre-cast shapes in frames of import substitution policy.

Cross-feeders for billets casting tables
Refractory pre-cast shapes and heat insulation installation
производство огнеупоров

Technology of production of wire rod with highly dispersed structure made from special aluminium alloys for aerospace and machine building industries

Modification of working holding furnaces 

Fabrication of laboratory facilities for vocational education and training institutes of all the levels

Mathematical and physical simulation of electromagnetic, thermal and hydrodynamics processes within metallurgical equipment

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