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Refractory products

Ongoing projects

Refractory products for aluminium industry

Since August 2014 RPC Magnetic Hydrodynamics Ltd. takes part in refractory materials and pre-cast shapes for Russian and CIS non-ferrous industry enterprises. New department of Refractory materials and technologies was created with the main purpose of arranging production of competitive pre-cast shapes in frames of import substitution policy.

For the new RPC Magnetic Hydrodynamics Ltd. department up-to-date equipment has been purchased in order to fabricate following refractory products and provide following services:

- molten metals transportation systems engineering services.
- refractories installation supervision and installation itself;
- refractory troughs and launders;
- refractory pre-cast shapes as per Customer's specific requirements;

Taishet Aluminum Smelter

Six off 60 tonnes capacity tilting electric holding furnaces and six off 85 capacity tonnes tilting electric holding furnaces, including furnace fumes extraction systems and electric heating launders.

Саяногорский алюминиевый завод

3D-model of tilting gas fired melting furnace
Tilting gas fired melting furnace of 20 ton capacity with regen. burners of 5 t/hours 

Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter

3D – model 70 ton electric tilting holding furnace equipped with MHD-Stirrer​

Two off 70 tonnes tilting electric holding furnaces, equipped with MHD-stirrers and tubular heating electric elements of our own production.

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