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Ongoing projects

Contactless MHD-stirring systems

Systems for non-channel MHD-stirring of aluminium alloys have been supplied to aluminium smelters and metallurgical plants of Russia by RPC Magnetic hydrodynamics Ltd. for more than 20 years already. By the present time we have commissioned more than 50 systems,

Magnetic hydrodynamic stirrers of aluminium alloys in holding and melting furnaces 
Since 2009 we have been supplying our equipment abroad through our exclusive partner, ALTEK EUROPE Ltd (the UK) under Siber-Force trademark. More than 30 systems have been supplied to various world aluminium manufacturers (Hydro, Novelis, Sapa, Alcan and lots of others).

MHD-stirrer with a power supply

Systems for non-channel MHD-stirring of aluminium alloys consist of two main components: MHD-inductor and low frequency thyristor power supply.

MHD-stirrer under a holding furnace hearth 

MHD-inductors can be installed at a holding furnace side as well as under the hearth.
Our company supplies turnkey solutions including entire system as well as separate components. Moreover, company's engineers provide commissioning services and all the supplied equipment is accompanied by appropriate warranty period. Low frequency thyristor power supplies are improved constantly and at the moment we can suggest six different types of power supplies with various power, design and control systems. 

Taishet Aluminum Smelter

Six off 60 tonnes capacity tilting electric holding furnaces and six off 85 capacity tonnes tilting electric holding furnaces, including furnace fumes extraction systems and electric heating launders.

Sayanogorsk Aluminum Smelter 

3D-model of tilting gas fired melting furnace
Tilting gas fired melting furnace of 20 ton capacity with regen. burners of 5 t/hours

Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter

3D – model 70 ton electric tilting holding furnace equipped with MHD-Stirrer​
Two off 70 tonnes tilting electric holding furnaces, equipped with MHD-stirrers and tubular heating electric elements of our own production.

Since 1999 till 2010 more than 40 power supplies were supplied to aluminium and metallurgical enterprises of Russia.

Side installation MHD stirrer:

Sayanogorsk Aluminum Smelter - 11 pcs.,

Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter - 9 pcs.,

Bratsk Aluminum Smelter - 6 pcs..,

Irkutsk Aluminum Smelter - 7 pcs.,

Novokuznetsk Aluminum Smelter - 6 psc.,

Nadvoick Aluminum Smelter- 2 psc.,

Krasnoyarsk Metallurgical Plant - 1 psc..

For selling of MHD-stirrers abroad, RPC Magnetic hydrodynamics Ltd. has and exclusive partner - ALTEK EUROPE Ltd. (UK)
Since 2008 till 2017 in frames of this partnership with Altek Europe Ltd., UK following MHD stirrers were supplied to various international metallurgical plants and smelters for big scale holding furnaces:

MHD-stirrers supplied abroad

Novelis, lnc (USA) - 1 pcs. 

Mechaterm, (UK) - 1 pcs.

Hydro Aluminium a.s. Årdal, (Norway) -  

1 pcs.

Alсan, Ltd (Canada) - 1 pcs.

Sapa AB, (Sweden) - 1 pcs.

Csteel, LLC (USA) - 2 pcs.

Others- 40 pcs.

TYPE400 MHD-Stirrer installation at side wall of 60 ton Holding Furnaces at Alcan (France). MHD-stirrers are manufactured by Altek Europe Ltd. under the licence of «RPC Magnetic hydrodynamics»

In 2011 – 2012 years. At the Krasnoyarsk and Bratsk Aluminium Smelters, a unique project of 4 MHD-stirrers installation to working tilting holding furnaces of 75 ton and 100 ton capacities was implemented. The uniqueness of the project was that in the bottoms of holding furnaces steelworks it was necessary to cut out a slot with a size of 2500x1500 mm and install a non-magnetic steel plate into this slot. For carrying out the operations, the necessary strength calculations for the conversion of holding furnaces steelworks were carried out, and measures were taken to preserve the lining of the furnaces in the place where the plates were installed. Dismantling of holding furnaces steelworks and installation of non-magnetic steel plates, installation and adjustment of MHD stirrers were carried out at an accelerated pace and in just 7 days, after which holding furnaces with MHD-stirrer were commissioned.

In December 2012, the fabrication of 2 more MHD stirrers for 2 off 55 tons tilting gas fired holding furnaces for the Volgograd aluminium plant was completed.

MHD-stirrers of RPC Magnetic hydrodynamics Ltd. have good reputation as high efficient and reliable equipment. The average lifetime of this equipment is 10 years.

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