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Main directions:

Engineering activities concerning designing and commissioning of melting-casting equipment for aluminium alloys production

Fabrication and supply of electrical heating systems for the equipment of metallurgical purposes

MHD devices and technologies of metallurgical purposes

Systems for non-channel MHD-stirring of aluminium alloys have been supplied to aluminium smelters and metallurgical plants of Russia by RPC Magnetic hydrodynamics Ltd. for more than 20 years already. By the present time we have commissioned more than 50 systems,

Magnetic hydrodynamic stirrers of aluminium alloys in holding and melting furnaces 

Since 2009 we have been supplying our equipment abroad through our exclusive partner, ALTEK EUROPE Ltd (the UK) under Siber-Force trademark. More than 30 systems have been supplied to various world aluminium manufacturers (Hydro, Novelis, Sapa, Alcan and lots of others).

The main functional purpose of a MHD-stirrer is its capability of solving the following problems:

— providing the uniformity of temperature and chemical composition all over a furnace bath;
— acceleration of solid charge melting after its addition to molten metal of a furnace;
— dissolution of heavy metallic components of the melt.


In general, application of MHD-stirrers in preparation of alloys in a holding furnace enables to:

— increase productivity of furnaces with the capacities from 5 to 120 tons by 25%;
— reduce gas consumption by 15%;
— reduce dross formation by 25%;
— reduce expenses on charging, manual tools and manual labour up to 50%;
— provide high reliability of the system due to the absence of contact with metal, moving parts and lack of water-cooling of an inductor itself.
— automate alloy preparation process.

At present time RPC Magnetic hydrodynamics Ltd. succesfully implements turnkey projects including designing, fabrication and supply of MHD-stirrers in accordance with Customer's specific requirements. These stirrers are able to be installed on existing holding furnaces as well as brand new holding furnaces.

Electromagnetic modifier

RPC Magnetic hydrodynamics Ltd. engineers developed magnetic hydrodynamics modifier system of MHDM type. This system is intended to be installed on continuous casting rotary machines for aluminum alloys wire rod production. Electromagnetic modifier enables to reduce grain size of the ingot from 3.4 mm up to 1.1 mm, which leads to products physical-mechanical properties improving.

Continuous casting rotary machine with electromagnetic modifier.

1 – feeding trough; 2 – casting wheel; 3 – continuous steel belt; 4 – copper binding band; 5 – steel disk; 6 – big roller; 7 – pinch roller; 8 – irrigator;  9 – ingot; 10 – remover; 11 – pullout rollers; 12 – ingot liquid phase; 13 – ingot solid phase 14 – electromagnetic modifier inductor

Casting-rolling machine for aluminum wire rod production

1 – holding furnace; 2 – rotary casting machine; 3 – flying shears; 4 – rolling mill; 5 – packaging unit

Electromagnetic modifier inductor

Electromagnetic modifier inductor, installed on the casting machine

With electromagnetic modifier usage

Without electromagnetic modifier usage


RPC Magnetic hydrodynamics specialists developed refining machine based on removable induction unit. MHD-degasser for complete refining of aluminum alloys from solid and gas impurities. Moreover, this machine is able to  dope and modify aluminum alloys during casting.


1 – magnetic core;

2 – coil;

3 – channel part with refractory lining (via molten metal it is connetected with the bath 4);

4 – bath;

5 – ceramic gas injector;

Significant difference from existing degassing devices is that rotation of molten metal is generated by MHD-rotators, refining mixture is supplied to the inlet channel through ceramic gas injector which has shape of special tube with graphite disc. As a result of this, in the area of molten metal interaction with reagent magnetic hydrodynamic media is created, which works the same way as rotors and injectors and creates auspicious conditions for the most effective molten metal refining.


Electromagnetic inlet well is intended for non-contact creation of a vortex inside liquid metal to immerse various different metal particles. Specifically, this equipment is engineered for effective re-melt of small light metal scrap.

Mathematical model determined key parameters and characteristics of the system, which made it possible to design an industrial machine. Induction machine optimal geometrical and energetic parameters were defined as well as optimal shape of the inlet well of 20 ton capacity gas fired tilting furnace.

System efficiency is caused by rapid involvement of small scrap under the bath level in the «inlet well» of a melting furnace, via scrap immersion in the vortex, generated inside molten aluminum by electromagnetic field.

Currently this technology is very essential for melting furnaces. 

Conduction MHD-pump for transportation, dosing and heating of molten metals 

Conduction magnetic hydrodynamic pumps are intended for transportation of non-ferrous and light alloy liquid metals (aluminium, magnesium, plumbum, natrium and others) as well as control of liquid metals supply from furnaces and maintenance of their suitable temperature via conversion of electric energy into mechanical and thermal energy.

The usage of conduction MHD-pumps for molten metals transportation and dosing helps to provide the following:

1. Significant reduction of molten metal loss due to the lack of metal direct contact with external environment and delivery the purist metal portions from beneath a melt surface.

2. Due the fact that there are no movable parts stirring of all the bath molten metal volume is not generated, which results in reduction of molten metal contamination by hazardous gases and drosses.

3. Ingots production process automatization via accurate control of molten metal dosing from a MHD-pump. 

4. Reduction of hazardous emissions to environment.

Single-zone conduction MHD-pump.


1 - operating area;

2 - coil;

3 - magnetic core;

4 - circular metal conductor;

5, 8 - inlet  and outlet channels;

6 - electromagnet of magnetic core;

7 - electromagnet coil.

Double-zone conduction MHD-pump.

1 ‒ magnetic core of auxiliary coils;

2 ‒ magnetic core of main coil;

3 ‒ main coils;

4 ‒ current supply;

5 ‒ primary coils

МГД устройства

Fabrication of refractory pre-cast shapes for the aluminium industry

Technology of production of wire rod with highly dispersed structure made from special aluminium alloys for aerospace and machine building industries

Modification of working holding furnaces 

Fabrication of laboratory facilities for vocational education and training institutes of all the levels

Mathematical and physical simulation of electromagnetic, thermal and hydrodynamics processes within metallurgical equipment

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